Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to the setup guide! Any questions you got should be answered here. If not, check out our other support categories. First off, when you make a successful purchase through our website, you will receive a key in your email that you provided through our portal. If you got questions about your key, you can check out our article on that issue: Can't find key.


When you first install (get it here) RoGold Ultimate, you will not see any changes. To gain access and experience the extension, you must have a key to buy from Once you have this key, you can head to the settings menu at If you are looking for the free RoGold extension, you can access that from here.

Entering Your Key

You have entered your key and clicked "OK," meaning it should reload the page and present you with a new menu with many different settings. If this is not the case, you should try to reload the page, then enter it again. If this does not work either, check that you do not have blocked cookies for If cookies are blocked for this website, your Ultimate license cannot be activated correctly. You should find a tutorial on how to allow cross-site cookies on your browser. Make sure also to check that it is not your ad blocker interfering with the cookie.


XP System

The XP system in RoGold Ultimate makes it so that you can level up to earn new rewards for personalizing your profile with Avatar Homes, Avatar Borders, and Banners. To earn XP, you can play games passively, earning you 1 XP for each minute of playtime. If you play one game a lot, it currently limits your XP for that game to 300. That means 5 hours of playtime. We are working on ways to expand this in the future. You can also earn XP by earning badges in XP Enabled Games, which are located on the home page. These games give you +25 XP for each badge you earn. The catalog of games here is currently quite slim but will be expanded on in the future.

This feature is enabled by default and allows you to search for anything on the Roblox website instantly. No more navigating through many pages to find what you need. You can disable this in settings if needed.

Infinite Scrolling

We have an infinite scrolling system that is enabled by default on both friendslists and most game sorts on the home and the discover page. This is recommended to keep enabled, as many of the sorts will look empty otherwise.

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