Key Already Linked

Key Already Linked

Did you receive a weird popup from us when linking your key to your Roblox account? We have provided a few steps to help you resolve this.

If you previously purchased a RoGold Ultimate subscription before March 25th, 2023

  1. Your subscription is most likely expired. We have recently switched payment gateway, meaning you must buy a new RoGold Ultimate key from
  2. Afterward, you can move your data to the new subscription from:

If you recently purchased a new subscription

  1. If you previously had a subscription with us linked to that Roblox account, you can either move your data with the above link or unlink your old subscription (only possible if it is still active). If you want to unlink and the old subscription has expired, move your data first.
  2. If this is your first time having a subscription with us, verify that you are using the correct Roblox account and that other RoGold Ultimate subscriptions have not been linked. If there has, refer to the previous step. If not, create a ticket on this page, and we will help you.
If you are using RoGold Ultimate with multiple accounts, please keep in mind that you need a key for each account that you use. If you log out and into a different Roblox account, that doesn't have a RoGold Ultimate subscription, you will automatically be logged out of RoGold Ultimate. You can always use Ultimate again, once you are back on the Roblox account that is linked to your Ultimate key.

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