Free Ultimate

Free Ultimate

You might be wondering if you can get free RoGold Ultimate. There is no easy way to do so, as we need to pay for developers, services, servers, etc. However, if you do want free RoGold Ultimate, you can get it through our discord. We have implemented a system called "RoGold Points", and if you get 5000, you will be able to redeem it for a month of free RGU. Join our discord here:

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      If you use RoGold Ultimate, you will be able to add multiple hairs and accessories to your Roblox avatar, by simply clicking on the item that you want. This is not currently available in free RoGold.
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      It is not possible to use other Roblox extensions without interference with RoGold Ultimate. Due to our complete UI revamp of the site, there is bound to appear problems. This also counts for using RGU with free RoGold. However, nothing is stopping ...
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      Welcome to the setup guide! Any questions you got should be answered here. If not, check out our other support categories. First off, when you make a successful purchase through our website, you will receive a key in your email that you provided ...
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      IMPORTANT - If you purchased a RoGold Ultimate subscription before March 25th, 2023, your subscription is most likely expired. This is because we have recently switched payment gateway, meaning you must purchase a new RoGold Ultimate key from RoGold ...
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      Did you receive a weird popup from us when linking your key to your Roblox account? We have provided a few steps to help you resolve this. If you previously purchased a RoGold Ultimate subscription before March 25th, 2023 Your subscription is most ...