Disappearing Design or Features

Disappearing Design or Features

IMPORTANT - If you purchased a RoGold Ultimate subscription before March 25th, 2023, your subscription is most likely expired. This is because we have recently switched payment gateway, meaning you must purchase a new RoGold Ultimate key from RoGold Ultimate. After that, you can move your data to the new subscription from the following link: Your Account (rogold.live).

At times your design or any of the RoGold features may disappear. This can be because your subscription is expired, you have switched accounts, or your browser removes the RoGold Cookie needed for Ultimate to function. To fix the latter, go to chrome://settings/cookies and add [*.]rogold.live to the list of websites that can always use cookies. Then go into the Ultimate setting and enter your key again. This should make everything reappear.

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